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2019 in a nutshell

It's tremendously funny to me to look back and see that my last post was on Brexit. That was 8 months ago, and other than the Prime Minister nothing has changed.

Adding to the mess, of course, is the fact that the American president couldn't crash the economy harder if he was actively trying. The yield curve is inverted, the Dow was has fallen 1810 points in the last two months, including over 600 today, etc.

I decided to go all-in on gold for a little while - we can check back in and see how that works out for me in six months or a year. I can't imagine the economy not slowing significantly at this point. But I've been wrong before - I expected the American economy to slow well before it did in 2007/8 (to be fair, not very many people did well with that one).

In the meantime I'll keep soldiering on. My summer trip (to Iceland) was amazing, Paris is upcoming, and my work as an accountant is going apace - a steep, steep learning curve to start, but coming together now.