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Back in the USA

Back in the states. Back in Arkansas. So much happened in the last month. We sailed back to the states, saw both our families (and friends old and new). Drove from NY to MI to AR. Stayed for a week in our house, then left again to go to a party we had signed up for when driving across the country seemed like a good idea. Drove AR to MD and then back, seeing friends old and new (different ones than the first cross-country drive). And now we're back. The renters (our friends) are still moving out so the house is a bit of a mess, but getting better every day. Each day we attack one small item on the 'putting our life back together' list. Today includes getting phones and putting the plants back in the sunroom. Yesterday was getting the utilities in our name. I had thought once we got back to AR the feeling of nonstop motion would stop, but it hasn't - it still feels a bit like we're moving (in the 'moving house' sense, as well as the 'get me off this crazy ride' sense).

Culture shock is real, and reverse culture shock is real-er. Adapting back to the US takes time. I'm used to it, recognize it, but that doesn't mean I don't have to ride it out. Hopefully once the house is back in some semblance of order it will have settled down and I can get moving with next steps.