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riding the train with bikesI spent a few days in Copenhagen with an old friend, hanging out (perhaps even finding hygge?) and seeing the sights. I even went to a dance recital for their daughter. We biked around Copenhagen one days, seeing sights both old and new and eating in a crazy food truck warehouse. The next day, after the recital, we went to Tivoli and rode rides until I was somewhat ill. It's been quite a while since I rode crazy scary amusement park rides! The last day we went to the new-ish Aquarium (Den Blå Planet) before catching a plane home. I learned a few Danish words (my favourite is piratfisk, which is a Piranha, although 'mad' (food) is a close second!) and brought home some Danish licorice (Haribo 'super piratos') which should be fun at parties.

On the subject of learning Danish words, I think the kids very much enjoyed hearing me butcher common words (like 'mad'). Their son was quite concerned at the number of words I was unable to express because our alphabet doesn't have certain Danish letters. He decided this meant that we could not have those things, rather than that we would just use a different word.