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rainy day

Sasha has flown back to the states for a conference, so I'm on my own for a few days. Her flight out was a crazy mess, as there was a security lockdown at CDG, but she made it out (amazingly) more or less on time. It was a fairly early flight, and with the added stress of the security blockade I was already exhausted by 9am. I went in to town anyway, and wandered around. I ran across an interesting place while exploring a neighbourhood a friend and I had met in the day before, but it was closed, so today I went back. It's called the 'chapelle expiatoire', and it's a monument to Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, built during the brief restoration and finished under Charles X (who was apparently king from 1824-1830).

A side note - 19th century France has become for me a sort of joke - there's so many revolutions and counter-revolutions that I've almost given up trying to understand it.

It was supposed to rain today, so I'd planned a museum or two, but ended up doing almost nothing on my list. There's an exposition at the Grand Palais on Jean Paul Gaultier that I've been somewhat interested in, but apparently so are the tourists, so I've yet to go at a time when there isn't a huge line. Today was no exception. I did finally make it to the Madeliene, and then made yet another visit to C&A, but when the JPG exhibit was full up I just headed home. Later in the evening I came back to town to take some evening photos of the city.

Tomorrow is Copenhagen to see an old friend. The days are flying by, and I can now see the end of our stay here in Paris. We've been discussing how it will be sad to leave, and yet how we're ready to head home (to see our kittens!)