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a couple days in the life

We spent a lovely weekend doing crazy weird things - I booked into a sushi restaurant that turned out to be one of those places where you sit at the grill and they cook in front of you. The high point might have been the flower pot full of dry ice they put in front of us as we received our desserts - fog rolled over both our plates and the rest of the table. Surreal. We then wandered along the new banks of the Seine... experience?... with art displays and games and etc. Then today we stopped at the Parc de Sceaux south of Paris to see the cherry blossoms. It turns out it's a whole chateau with formal gardens, so we spent a couple hours wandering around (there's a museum, as well, which we might go back to). Then we headed into Paris to go to a wine tasting at a small wine shop. There were three vignerons there, and we chatted with them while drinking the wine. At one point the proprieter of the shop brought a glass of a yellow drink to the vignerons we were talking to, and we learned it was Chartreuse, and that the proprieter of the shop was a huge fan of the stuff, head of the association, etc. So as we were checking out, I asked if we could try some. It's an experience not to be missed, though surely a drink that is not for everyone. We then made our way back, stopping to grab some yummy desserts from the Boulanger.