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weekend away

We celebrated Sasha's birthday with a trip to her favourite medieval worksite: Guedelon. We went in 2005 and wanted to see how much progress had been made. Quite a lot, as it turns out - here's a photo from 2005 and a photo from our visit this year.  Because of the weird way car rentals work, it was cheaper to rent for more days than less, so we took a long weekend instead of just the one day. We stayed in an amazing guest house / chateau where we were the only guests and the owner was super gregarious and the whole family was really nice. After the first day, we really didn't have any plans, so followed the Route Jacques Coeur map we found in their tourist brochures, which turned out to be a really great way to spend a couple of days. Coeur was a medieval French merchant, so the various sites were all right up our alley. We also, through some prodigious driving, managed to visit a regional park with some nice birdwatching. On the drive back up we also stopped in Sancerre, and went to a ridiculous (but informative!) wine museum, complete with a '4D experience' theme-park style movie/ride. Overall we had a great weekend, and assuming the car rental people managed to find the keys we left in a mysterious drop box at the Massy Palaiseau TGV station, everything worked out very well!