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what we watch

As we made yet another joke about one of the movies we watched while living here, it occurred to me I should jot them down. We've been sticking to low-brow films in the hopes that their language will be simpler. So in no particular order, since arriving we have watched Rien à déclarer (in part because we visited the town in Belgium where it was filmed, and they had a big sign saying 'visit the town where this movie was made!'). We also watched Avis de mistral which, for some reason, had Jean Reno in it, despite having a ridiculous plot. We actually visited seemingly all the places the movie was filmed when we went to Avignon and Arles, which was kind of ridiculous. And on the subject of ridiculous, Un monstre à Paris was about a flea blown up large by a crazy science experiment who can play guitar. But it was in French, so we watched it! That's all we've done so far, save our regular dips into Les Guignols de l'info, which has both kept us abreast of French news and introduced us to some crazy French personalities.