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Life in London

Settled in to downtown London. Our flat is quite nice, and the location is quite hard to beat - there's a bus stop literally across the street, so on several occasions we've been able to ride straight to or straight from our door. I'm experimenting with the so-called 'Boris Bikes' which are cheap rental bikes located all over the city. The only real downside has been how much time is spent in settling in. I had hoped to spend a lot more time taking photos, but haven't found it to be as easy as 'wake up in the morning and go take pictures'. In part because even though London isn't all that big, getting anywhere is either very slow or very expensive.

It's still early days for the classes Sasha is doing, but outside of a technical glitch (self inflicted when we installed Windows 8 on her laptop) things seem to be going well there.

We've had the chance to socialize quite a little bit, which has been nice, and even spent the day brewing beer at a friend's house. So life is quite busy, overall, in a (mostly) good way. Once a week or so we're scheduled to see plays, and so far that's been good too. A well-acted Shakespeare play is hard to beat.

Rather than additional typing I'm going to head out now - there's a photo contest St Paul's Cathedral is running, and I'm trying to at least put up a fight, as the prize is a private tour and a nice dinner.