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future topics

Did a bit of updating on the blog software today, updated some tools that I'm sure were a security risk (to new tools that will someday become a security risk). I'm thinking about starting a new blog, or a new line of posts, and I can't decide whether I should use my main blog for it, or start a new one dedicated only to the topic I want to write on. The topic would be unemployment - there would be some of the same things I write about here - the economics of unemployment - but it would be more of a 'this is my personal journey through unemployment'. As someone who, for reasons either structural, personal, or reasons of sheer luck, has never really had to deal with unemployment as a problem (as opposed to unemployment as a choice), I think it might be of interest to people to see how that journey goes (I will be unemployed by my own choice in a few months, and will be finding ways to occupy myself before heading back out into the job market in a year or so). I know from past experience that even when you choose to be unemployed it's a big hit to the psyche, so I'm interested to see how it goes this time, when I'm a very well qualified employee (call me mid-level?) who expects, more or less, to have the world at my feet (even though I know, or think I know, that the market is not at all good, both due to the crash and because of where I live).