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Asa and the Arkansas budget

Some simple rules: 35% of something is more than 25% of something. Every so often politicians think they know better, and you end up plans to cut taxes but spend the same amount because of [magic]. Kansas did it, and is reaping the benefits, as did North Carolina. Now it looks like we'll be seeing it on the national scale too.

Arkansas just turned over pretty much the whole state government to small government politicians, and as such I expect we will see the state bankrupted in the next couple of years. The incoming governor has said a 'middle class tax cut' was his top priority, and it was a campaign promise, so I expect it will happen. Since many state employees have had few if any raises in the last seven years, a massive budget hole should lead to further cuts, which will lead to even further reduced consumer spending, which will lead to an even bigger budget hole, etc.

I can't decide if this is a good thing or not - in my heart, I like to imagine that if politicians keep doing the same stupid thing over and over, and keep getting the same awful results, eventually the electorate will stop voting for people who say stupid things. But honestly, I've no evidence to back this up - as near as I can tell a goodly chunk of the people will keep voting against their interests until they end up living in caves and wearing animal skins.