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social media

I use a link shortening service called bit.ly when I post something to social media, in part because it makes the links look a little neater, and in part because it allows me to track how popular something I've shared is. It's interesting to see what becomes popular and what doesn't, although how much of that is facebook sorting things and how much is actual interest I can't tell. I realized that all the links I've shortened are public, which is fine since I share things publicly on facebook anyway. If you'd like to see a list of the articles I'm sharing, I think you can just take a look at my bit.ly profile - I imagine it's live, so as soon as I've shortened something it will appear there. I've actually taken to sharing things strategically when I want people to read them, which is a sad statement on the facebook algorithm. I've been using the new social media service Ello (you can see my profile on Ello, which is currently public to everyone) as a reaction to all the things I don't like about Facebook. I'm not sure it will take off - network is all, and right now there aren't a large number of my friends over there. But I'm hopeful. It remains to be seen what they will do to raise money for the service - it costs a great deal to maintain over 50PB of data).