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American Airlines customer service

Last August, a computer error between Orbitz and Continental (now American) Airlines resulted in my wife being stranded in London, not sure if she was going to make it home. Obviously, as soon as she did manage to make it home, we re-contacted both parties (it goes without saying we had contacted them frantically from London the day of the event, which taught us that you should never book with a company that doesn't have a phone number local to the country you are going to - being put on hold when you're paying a dollar a minute makes you extra mad). After cross-finger pointing, American/Continental seemed to accept responsibility, and offered us a puny voucher. This took several months, and at one point I waited several weeks, before receiving a message from the helpdesk person (excuse me - Senior Executive Specialist) saying my message had been delayed in the now merging Continental and American email systems.

All of this is background to the phone call I received yesterday, which was this woman, once again saying my message had been delayed. I just checked, and the message was sent in November. I was actually so confused I just laughed. So there's customer service for you. In theory, we'll be receiving a voucher. I wonder if they'll beat the one year anniversary?